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PM Jan 2013 Series 1 - #1  Denise Bossarte © Denise Bossarte    PM Jan 2013 Series 1 - #1 16x20 original photograph
 A fantastic day to be out shooting! I was able to stay warm this trip and take my time with the lite wind conditions. Lots of series captured today. And someone who asked me to come take "artistic" pictures of his boat for a website!

A bit chilly, but lovely finds today

Slipped Boats - WR Jan 2013 Series 01  Denise Bossarte

WR Jan 2013 Series 01
20x16 photo

I was finally able to get outside and shoot after all the rain. The sun took a bit longer to come out than I hoped, so I was shooting in overcast conditions at <50 degrees with 20+ mph winds. A bit of a challenge for chilled and shaky fingers, but still got good shots at my favorite fishing ponds!
This is available for purchase unframed $500.00.